What is SBI YONO SIM Binding? How it Works?

SBI YONO SIM binding is an enhanced security feature of the banking app. This feature allows the users to use the app only if the SIM Card of the registered mobile number is inserted into the smartphone.

State Bank of India being the largest bank in the country always stresses more the security of the bank accounts. When it comes to the SIM binding feature. There are both positive and negative impressions among the users.

A negative impression is from those people who keep the accounts of their loved ones open on their smartphones. Usually, this happens with us.

If there is an elderly person in our family then someone else from the family will be taking care of the bank account. Of course with the full consent of the elderly person.

The positive impression is from those people who manage their bank account totally by themselves. People like me and you come in this category.

We are happy because the SIM binding feature will help us to make sure that none other than us can use the YONO application.

SBI YONO SIM Binding Feature

How Does YONO SIM Binding Works?

As soon as you download and install the YONO app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You will be asked to login into the app.

During this process, the SIM binding feature will verify if the SIM Card of the registered mobile number is inserted into the smartphone.

If yes then you will be able to complete the registration process or login process. But in case the SIM Card is not instered or the app fails to verify. Then you will not be allowed to register or login into the app.

Will This Feature Work with Dual SIM Smartphones?

Yes, this feature of SBI YONO will work with dual SIM smartphones. This feature is totally optimized to do so. During the registration process, the app will ask you to select between SIM 1 and SIM 2.

This will help you to choose the SIM card of your registered mobile number. So you will not face any issues if you are using 2 SIM cards in your smartphone.

Which Apps Have SIM Binding Enabled?

This feature is enabled both on the YONO and YONO Lite applications. So both the apps are safer now for us to use.

How Two Users Can Use YONO?

If you want to use two bank accounts on one smartphone with the YONO apps. Then you can do that provided the SIM Card of the registered mobile number of both the accounts are active in the smartphone.

For this to work you will have to install both YONO and YONO Lite applications. Use YONO for bank account number 1. And use YONO Lite for bank account number 2.


Being a banking enthusiast I welcome this feature with open arms. Security is always good to have when it comes to bank accounts. And it feels good looking that the largest bank in the nation is stressing more on the safety and security of the account holders.

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