How to Withdraw Money from SBI Non-home Branch?

You can withdraw money from your SBI account at a non-home branch using your cheque book. Write a self cheque and carry your bank passbook with you. The maximum amount you can withdraw from the non-home branch is Rs. 50,000.

We have got different ways to withdraw money from our State Bank of India account. I am talking about the withdrawal using your ATM Card, at the home branch, and using Yono Cash. But when all of these are not possible then you can withdraw money from other branches of SBI in India.

Steps to Withdraw Money from SBI Non-home Branch

SBI Non-home branch Withdrawal

Follow the instructions given below to withdraw money from the non-home branch of SBI. To do this you will need to have your bank passbook and cheque book with you. The bank officials may also ask you to show an identity proof document. So make sure you carry one with you. (Aadhaar Card or PAN Card)

Steps to Withdraw Money from SBI Non-home Branch:
  1. Take out your cheque book.
  2. Write a self cheque.
  3. Mention the amount in words and in numbers.
  4. Sign the cheque.
  5. Take your bank passbook and identity proof document with you.
  6. Visit any branch of SBI and go to the cash counter of the branch.
  7. Tell the cashier that you have an account with a different branch but want to withdraw money from your bank account.
  8. Submit the cheque, show your bank passbook, and identity proof document. ( if asked)
  9. And collect your money.

Note: You can not use other bank cheques to withdraw money from a non-home branch. If you don’t have your SBI cheque book with you. Then you can not use this method, to know how you can request cheque book in SBI read this linked guide.


This is how you can withdraw money from non-home branch. The bank charge you extra for the verification of the signature. So before you withdraw the money get the charges confirmed from the bank officials. For more information, you can call the customer care of the bank on 1800 425 3800. (toll-free) And speak with their support executive.

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