How to Request Cheque Book in Canara Bank?

Request Cheque Book in Canara Bank: Cheque book is very useful to make payments to your clients. All you have to do is write a cheque to your client and handover the same to them. The rest of the things will be handled by the bank and the money will be automatically debited from your bank account. But wait you can’t do this unless you have a cheque book with you, so you should request one from the bank for you.

In this article of mine, I will be telling you the complete procedure which you need to follow to request cheque book in Canara Bank. The procedure is very easy and there are three ways in which you can follow all the three methods are mentioned below.

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What is a Cheque Book?

Cheque book is one of the instruments that is provided by the bank to its account holders to make and receive the payments. It is one of the oldest methods of making the payments and we still use it in huge numbers. In the case of business dealings, most of the deals are done with the help of cheque.

A cheque book will be having leaves in which space is provided to mention the name of the beneficiary, date, amount in numbers and amount in words. And at the bottom part of the cheque, the person who is issuing the cheque has to make his or her signature on the cheque leaf to make it a valid one.

How to Request Cheque Book in Canara Bank?

Request Cheque Book in Canara Bank

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the three methods by which you can request cheque book in Canara Bank for you.

  • Through Internet Banking.
  • Through Calling Customer Care.
  • And by visiting your home branch.
Steps to Request Cheque Book through Internet Banking

  1. Open the official website of the bank and login to your internet banking account by entering your user ID and password.
  2. Click on Cheque book request option which you can find in the internet banking interface.
  3. If you own multiple bank accounts with the bank then you have to select the bank account from there.
  4. Choose the size of cheque book i.e. the number of pages from the drop-down menu.
  5. Enter your transaction password and click on the Submit button.
Steps to Request Cheque Book by Calling Customer Care

Requesting Cheque Book by Calling Canara Bank Customer Care

  1. Call the customer care center of the bank on their toll-free number: 1800-425-0018.
  2. Using the IVR options get your call connected to their customer care executive.
  3. Tell them that you are in need of a Cheque book.
  4. They will ask you a few questions like your name, account number, etc. Answer everything correctly.
  5. And you are done with it.

It is recommended to call from your mobile number that is registered with your Canara Bank account. (registered mobile number)

Steps to Request Cheque Book by Visiting the Home Branch

Requesting Cheque Book by visiting home branch

  1. Visit your home branch and ask the bank officials for a Cheque book request form.
  2. They will provide you the form, fill the form with all the details asked.
  3. Make your signature on the form wherever needed.
  4. And finally, submit the form to the bank officials.
Video Tutorial on Procedure to Request Cheque Book in Canara Bank


So these are the three methods by following which you can request cheque book in Canara Bank. I hope you are clear with all the steps that are mentioned in this guide.

If you are facing any difficulties then you can comment below. I will make sure you get a reply quickly to your comment.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Canara Bank Cheque Book

How Can I Get Cheque Book from Canara Bank?

You can get cheque book by following multiple methods. Just go to the official website of the bank and login to your internet banking account. Click on Request Cheque Book, choose your bank account. choose the number of cheque leaves you want, enter your transaction password and click on submit.

How Can I Check my Cheque Book Status in Canara Bank?

Login to your Internet Banking account. Click on Cheque Book Status Inquiry, Choose your bank account, choose the number of cheque leaves you have requested and the status will be displayed on your computer screen.

How do I Get an Urgent Cheque book?

Currently, there is no provision in Canara Bank to get an Urgent Cheque Book. But you can visit your home branch and talk to the bank officials. They will definitely help you to get a cheque book on an urgent basis.

Can We Check Cheque Status Online?

Yes, you can check the cheque status which you have issued. To do this go to the official website of Canara Bank, login to your internet banking account. Click on Cheque Status Inquiry option, Choose your bank account, enter your cheque number and the cheque status will be on your screen.

How Long Does it take to get a Cheque book?

In Canara Bank, it usually takes 5 to 7 working days. Within 5 to 7 working days, you will get the cheque book delivered to you by the bank.

What is the Cheque number?

Cheque number is a unique number that is used to identify the cheque. You can find this number mentioned at the left bottom corner of the cheque leaf.

Can I Deposit Cheque in Non Home Branch?

Yes, you can deposit your Canara Bank cheque in any of the non-home branch branches across India.

How Do You Know if a Cheque has Been Deposited?

You will get to know when the cheque is deposited as you will be receiving an SMS from the bank regarding the same. Once the cheque is deposited you will get an SMS notification from the bank. And the money will be debited or credited to your bank account as per the circumstance.

Can I Collect Cheque Book from Bank?

You can request the cheque book by visiting the home branch of the bank. But the cheque book will be delivered to your address within 5 to 7 days working days from the date of your request.

Can I Deposit Cheque in any Bank?

Yes, you can deposit the cheque in any of the banks which are operating in India to encash your cheque. But the condition is it should be properly issued and you should have a sufficient amount of balance in your bank account.

What is the Maximum Amount of Money you can have in a Bank Account?

There is no limit of the maximum amount of money you have in your bank account if you have completed the KYC and submitted the PAN Card to the bank. But in case you have not done KYC or provided the PAN Card to your bank then every bank has a different limit of the money you can hold you in your bank account and the number of transactions you can make. You can talk to the customer care of the bank to know this in a proper manner.

Can I Cash a Cheque Without a Bank Account?

No, you can not cash a cheque if you don't have a bank account or without a bank account. It is quite obvious that you won't be able to request the cheque book or get the cheque book if you don't have a bank account.

How long does it take a cheque to process?

It takes around two working days for the receiving bank to clear the cheque for payments. But it can take up to 5 working days to receive the money.

What Happens if a cheque bounces?

If your cheque is bounced then the cheque will be returned. Your bank will put some charges on your as Cheque Return Charges. Not only the cheque return charges from your bank, but you might also even face legal consequences in case your cheque bounces.

How Do I Request For Cheque Book in Canara Bank?

You can request cheque book in Canara Bank using internet banking, using the mobile banking application, by calling the customer care and by visiting the home branch of the bank where you maintain your bank account.

Can We Deposit a Cheque Online?

No, you can not deposit a cheque online to encash the cheque.


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  • I gave a request for cheque book through CAN MBL app yesterday. But I didn’t get any reply. I tried to contact the branch but they didn’t attend the call. what should I do now. Am not able to go to the home branch now. But I need the cheque book immediately

    • Hi Nandhini,
      There is no issue if you request cheque book using the Can Mobile App.

      You will receive the cheque book from the bank, but still, if you feel that your request has not been received by the bank.

      Because sometimes it happens due to technical glitches. So you can verify your request by calling the customer care.

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