How to Register Mobile Number With Canara Bank Account?

Registering mobile number with Canara Bank account or any account is very important because of a number of reasons and the main reason why you should register your mobile number is because of bank account security reason. Like, let us assume that a person’s internet banking account is hacked and some have got access to the internet banking account. But if the owner has registered his mobile number with the account then he or she will receive SMS from the bank on his mobile saying that the internet banking feature has been used or any transaction has taken place with your account.

This is just one example how registering mobile number with a bank account is important. I can give you one more example like this if someone has got your ATM card and also your 4 digit PIN code they can use your card anywhere but if they do it then you will receive SMS from the bank and you can block your card immediately. Now you know two reasons why you should register mobile number with Canara Bank account. In this guide on Bank With Us, we will tell you the complete procedure which you need to follow to register mobile number with Canara Bank account.

How to Register Mobile Number With Canara Bank Account?

How to Register Mobile Number With Canara Bank Account?

So now let us get started with this guide and learn how you can register your mobile number with Canara Bank account.

  1. Take an A4 size paper and write an application letter to your branch manager, in that letter mention the subject as registering mobile number with bank account.
  2. Mention your name, account number along with your mobile number which you want to be updated in bank records.
  3. Make your signature at the bottom of the application letter and take a photocopy of your PAN Card, Aadhaar Card or Voter ID. (Any one of these)
  4. Make the photocopy self-attested by doing your signature on it.
  5. Attach your application letter and photocopy.
  6. Visit your home branch where you have opened your bank account and maintain it.
  7. Submit the application letter to the branch manager.

Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

Can I register my mobile number online?

No, you can’t register your mobile number online using internet banking of any other feature of Canara Bank.

Should I submit the application letter home branch only?

Yes, you have to submit the application letter to home branch only. You can’t submit it to any other branches of the bank across India.

Currently, I am out of India, what should I do?

If you are currently not in India and staying in any other countries then we are not sure about the mobile number registration process for you. So we recommend you to call their customer care on their toll-free number: 1800 425 0018.

Can I send the application letter via courier?

Well, this is one of the most frequently asked questions. This depends on the staff which is working in your home branch so call your home branch and ask them if they accept the letter if you send it via courier.


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  • Hello sir

    My mob no is already ragisteres in my bank account Bt my no has lost. So how can i change my mob no in my bank account…?

  • My no. already registered with bank account but I am not reachived SMS alert in atm transaction so what I do

    • Hi Sonu,
      If you are sure that your mobile number is registered with your Canara Bank account.
      But still, you are not receiving the SMS from the bank when you do ATM transactions.

      Then there are two possibilities and they are as follows:

      1) The SMS notification service for your bank account is not enabled.

      In this case, you can get it enabled by calling the customer care of the bank.
      They will tell you if this service is enabled or no.

      2) Your mobile number is not at all registered with your bank account.
      And the second case if your mobile number may not have registered or not correctly

      So I recommend you to visit your home branch where you have opened or maintain your bank account.

      Tell the bank officials working there about your issue they will look further into it.

    • Hi V. Gayathri,
      Even if you want to change or update the mobile number that is registered with your bank account. You have to follow the same steps which are mentioned in the guide above.

      You have to visit the home branch only. They will guide you further to register your number, as of now there is no other way by which you can register or update your number online.

  • i need to change my registerd mobile number from old one,due to theft i lost my mobile number so please help me to change my number

  • TO,
    Bajiraokatra main road
    Mirzapur (U.P)

    Respected Sir,
    I am a customer of your branch. My name is Jitendra Singh and my account no:-2214***011585. I had to
    update my mobile number and my recent number is 8127***308


  • My mobile number is registered and i can receive atm. Messages but i cant do any online transactions that time they say your mobile no is not registered guys help me with this

    • Hi Ranjit,
      if you are able to receive the transactions SMS of your ATM Card but still if you can’t use it online for internet banking. Then first you should call the customer care of the bank and talk to them.

      If they don’t solve your issue then you will have to visit your home branch of the bank where you have your bank account.

  • My Number is already register but my google pay is not working kindly help me sir

    • Hi Satish Kumar,
      If your mobile number is registered with your bank account and still if you are facing difficulties in getting the registered with Google Pay then you should contact the customer care of the bank.

      There should be some technical issues that will be definitely cleared by the bank if you contact them.

      You can call them on their toll-free number or even visit your home branch if your home branch is near to your location.

  • My number is registered with bank account but in g pay login, it is seeing as not linked to bank account .why?my

  • My mobile no is not register in bank account but my same no is register in other bank account in Canara bank so how can register to same no in both bank account

    • Hi Vijay Kumar, You can have the same mobile number with multiple bank accounts in Canara Bank itself. There no problem that you will face if you have two accounts in same bank.

      So contact the home branch of your bank and tell them that you want to register the same mobile number for both of your Canara Bank accounts.

  • Already I linked my mobile number with bank account number. But now a days my mobile number is not working. No messages come. What do I do?

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