How to Check IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag Balance?

If you often travel on national highways where you need to pay the toll. Then you might be knowing how much time it actually takes to pass the toll gate. This was a real problem for the people who were using the national highways. But then comes the FASTag which can automatically pay the toll when you pass by the toll gate.

These days almost every car, van, truck, and bus traveling on Indian roads have this FASTag installed on the windscreen. This saves time as well as the fuel that would burn while waiting at the toll gate. But do you know how you can check the balance of your IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag?

In case you don’t know then don’t worry. That is because this guide is written for you. This guide will help the users of the IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag to check their remaining balance. The procedure to check the balance is very simple and you can do it within minutes.

The thing is you just need to know the process or the procedure. In this guide, we will not be using any third-party websites or applications. But we will be making use of the official website of the bank. So there is no need to worry about your privacy.

How Can I Check Balance Remaining in my IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag Online?

Steps to Check IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag Balance

Follow the instructions mentioned below and you will be able to know the remaining balance in your FASTag.

Steps to Check IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag Balance:
  1. Visit the official website of the IDFC FIRST Bank.
  2. Open the FASTag Customer Portal.
  3. Enter your Vehicle Number.
  4. Click on the Submit button.
  5. Your balance will be displayed to you on the screen.


This is how simple it is to check IDFC FIRST Bank FASTag balance. It is not recommended to use third-party websites to check your balance. If you want more information then you can call the customer care of the bank.

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