How to Check Bank of India Account Balance?

There are 8 more methods that you can follow to check your account balance. Continue reading this guide to know how you can do it.

Methods to Check Bank of India Account Balance

How to Check Bank of India Account Balance?

To check your Bank of India account balance give a missed call to 09015135135.

Printing Bank Passbook

This is the oldest and traditional method to check your bank account balance. In this method, you need to have your bank passbook with you. And you have to visit your home branch personally to check the remaining amount of balance. It is not mandatory that the account holder himself has to visit the branch. Anyone can get the passbook printed for you.

Steps to Check Bank of India Account Balance Using Bank Passbook:
  1. Visit your home branch of BOI and carry your bank passbook with you.
  2. Look for the passbook printing counter in your home branch.
  3. Get into the queue to print your bank passbook.
  4. Tell the bank official about the period of time to print the transactions in your passbook. (1 Month, 3 Months or 6 Months)

Obtaining Bank Account Statement

You can not only get your bank passbook printed at your home branch. But you can also request the bank to provide you the bank account statement. All the transactions that you have made from your bank account will be listed in the account statement including your remaining account balance.

Steps to Get Account Statement in Bank of India:
  1. Visit your home branch of BOI.
  2. Tell the bank officials that you want your bank account statement.
  3. Provide your bank account number to the bank officials.
  4. Tell them the period of time of which you need your bank account statement.
  5. Collect a copy of your account statement and look for your remaining account balance.

Using ATM Machine

If you don’t want to visit your home branch then you can also check your bank account balance with the help of the ATM machine as well. To do this you will need your ATM Card or Debit Card with you along with the 4 digits PIN number.

Steps to Check BOI Account Balance using ATM:
  1. Find any of the ATM Machine which is near to your location.
  2. Insert your card into the machine.
  3. Enter your four digits PIN number.
  4. Choose “Balance Enquiry” from the screen.
  5. Select your bank account type. (Savings Bank Account or Current Account)
  6. Choose if you want to view the balance on the screen or get a printed receipt containing your account balance.

Calling Customer Care of BOI

There are two ways of checking your remaining balance by calling the customer care of BOI. You can use the IVR option or personally talk to the customer care executive of the bank.

Steps to Check BOI Account Balance by Calling Customer Care:
  1. Call the customer care of BOI on their toll-free number: 1800 22 0229.
  2. Select the language in which you would like to continue the interaction.
  3. Choose the IVR option to know your account details.
  4. Now select bank account balance from the IVR.
  5. The IVR system will speak out the remaining account balance to you over the call.

BOI Customer Care Phone Number

You can use the below-mentioned phone numbers to talk to the customer care of the bank.

Sl No. Phone Number Description
1. 1800 103 1906 Toll-free for General Enquiry.
2. 1800 22 0229 Toll-free for Present BOI Customers.
3. (022) – 40919191 Chargeable for General Enquiry.
4. 1800 425 1112 Debit Card Hotlisting Number.
5. 1800 220 088 Credit Card Hotlisting Number.
6. (022)61312937 Merchant Enrolment.

BOI Customer Care Email Address

If you wish to contact the customer care of BOI via Email then you can use the below-mentioned Email Address(s) for that.

Sl No. Email Address Description
1. [email protected] General Enquiry.
2. [email protected] Hotlisting Debit Card.
3. [email protected] RTGS Support.
4. [email protected] NEFT Support.

Using Internet Banking

Bank of India offers a feature-rich internet banking service to its customers and you can make use of internet banking to know your remaining balance. Anyone who has a bank account with BOI is eligible for accessing their bank account online.

Steps to Check BOI Balance Using Internet Banking:
  1. Visit the Official Website of BOI.
  2. Click on Login to Internet Banking.
  3. Enter your Username, Password, and click on the Login Button.
  4. Choose the bank account whose balance you want to check.
  5. The account balance will be displayed to you on your computer screen.

Using Mobile Banking Application

I always recommend people to install and use the mobile banking application of their bank. That is because these apps are really handy and we can have access to some essential features of the bank. I would recommend the same to you. Download and Install the official mobile banking application of BOI.

Steps to Use BOI Mobile Banking App to Check Balance:
  1. Download and Install the Official Mobile Banking application of BOI on your smartphone.
  2. Enter your Mobile Number or Customer ID or Username.
  3. Now enter your Login PIN and tap on the login button.
  4. Tap on My Account.
  5. Choose your bank account from the list if you have multiple accounts.
  6. The balance will be displayed to you on your smartphone screen.

List of Official Mobile Banking Applications of BOI

The official sources to download and install the mobile banking applications are always the best. Bank of India has published multiple apps for their customers. I have listed down all the apps along with their official installation links.

Mobile Banking Application Installation Link for Android Installation Link for iOS
BOI Mobile BOI Mobile for Android BOI Mobile for iOS
BOI Card Shield Card Shield for Android Card Shield for iOS
StarGlobal StarGlobal for Android StarGlobal for iOS
BOI BHIM Aadhar BHIM Aadhar for Android Not Available
BOI Billpay Billpay for Android Billpay for iOS
StarToken – NG StarToken – NG for Android StarToken – NG for iOS

Sending SMS to Check Account Balance

The balance of your BOI account can also be checked by sending an SMS to the bank’s phone number in a predefined format. There are some keywords or codes which are defined by the bank. Using these keywords we can easily check the balance and do many other things.

Steps to Check BOI Account Balance by SMS:
  1. Type an SMS BAL XXXX.
  2. Replace XXXX with your SMS password.
  3. Send the SMS to +919810558585.
  4. You will receive an SMS contacting your account balance.

The SMS has to be sent from your registered mobile number only. If you send this SMS from any other mobile number then you will not receive any response from the bank. This condition applies even when you are trying to check your bank account balance by giving a missed call to the bank’s number.

Bank of India SMS Banking Codes

There are certain keywords defined by BOI to use SMS banking services. You have to send the SMS in this predefined format only. If you miss the format then the bank’s system will not understand what you are trying to get from it. Here I have listed all the BOI SMS banking keywords you should know.

Sl No. SMS Format Description
1. BAL <space> SMS Password To check the remaining account balance.
2. TRANS <space> SMS Password Details of Last 5 Transactions.
3. CHQSTS <space> SMS Password <space> Cheque Number Stoping Cheque Payment.
4. CHGPWD <space> Old Password <space> New Password To Change SMS Password.
5. SUSP <space> SMS Password Deactivating SMS banking facility.

You have to send this SMS to +919810558585 from your registered mobile number.

Meaning of SMS Banking Terminologies or Keywords

Basically, these are the terms assigned by BOI for various things. Find the meaning of each terminology in English mentioned in the table below.

Terminology or Format Meaning
BAL Balance.
TRANS Transactions.
CHQSTS Cheque Payment Stop.
CHGPWD Change SMS Password.
SUSP Suspend Service.

How to Identify Your Registered Mobile Number?

Many people face with their registered mobile number this is because we have multiple SIM Cards with us. And when we use the SIM Card other than the one whose mobile number is registered with the bank account. We will not get any kind of response from the bank.

Then how to deal with it?

Here first you should understand the meaning of your registered mobile number. This is the one which you had submitted to the bank when you were opening your bank account.

If you don’t remember which mobile number you had submitted you can still identify it.

Check to which number the Bank of India is sending you notifications and alerts about your bank account. Because the bank will be sending you the SMS alerts and OTP to the registered mobile number only.

Go to the messaging app on your smartphone and open the SMS of BOI. Check to which SIM Card the bank has sent you the message, that SIM Card is of your registered mobile number.

Giving Missed Call to Check Account Balance

You can also check your account balance by giving a missed call to the bank’s phone number as well. But here we the same condition of registered mobile number is applied. You have to give the missed call from your registered mobile number only. In case you give the missed call from an unregistered number then you will not receive any response from BOI.

Steps to Check BOI Account Balance by Missed Call:
  1. Open the dialer of your smartphone.
  2. Call 09015135135 from your registered mobile number.
  3. This is a toll-free number and your call will get disconnected automatically.
  4. You will receive an SMS from BOI containing your account balance.

Using UPI Application

UPI or the Unified Payment Interface which is developed by the NPCI is a milestone in the Indian Banking industry. We are able to make transactions seamlessly because of UPI. Sending and receiving the money is very simple these days, all thanks to the amazing UPI platform.

But with the help of UPI, we can not only send and receive money (fund’s transfer) but we can also check the remaining account balance. If you want to check your balance then you will have to install an application and get yourself registered to use it with your BOI Bank account.

Steps to Check Bank Balance in BOI using UPI Application:
  1. Download and Install the UPI application of your choice.
  2. Enter your mobile number and set a password for your UPI application.
  3. Choose your SIM card which is running your registered mobile number.
  4. Select Bank of India from the list of banks in your UPI application.
  5. Initiate the UPI registration and set your UPI PIN number.
  6. After adding your bank account in the UPI application tap on “Check Bank Balance.”
  7. Enter your UPI PIN number and your balance will be displayed to you.