How to Increase Credit Limit of Axis Bank Credit Card?

The credit limit of your credit card defines the amount of money you can spend using your card. It is good to have a decent credit limit on your card. In this guide, I will tell you how you can increase your Axis Bank credit card’s credit limit.

Here you have to understand one thing. And that is the credit card issuer in this case Axis Bank will be having its own internal policy. And this policy is used to determine the credit limit that should be assigned to the customer’s credit card.

Generally, the banks use the credit score, the on-time payments, and other vital things to decide if the upgrade should be given to you or not.

Can the customer himself or herself change the credit limit of any card?

The answer is no, the customer can do nothing much about this but only request the card issuer to increase the limit.

However, you should keep in mind that the credit card issuers periodically notify the cardholder if there is a possible increase in the credit limit.

I have an Axis Bank credit card and I received an SMS from the bank telling them about this possible limit increase. Which I later accepted using the official app.

What is the Process to Increase the Credit Limit of Axis Bank Credit Card?

Increase the Credit Limit of Axis Bank Credit Card

Before you can increase your credit limit you should check if the bank has an offer for you. And this can be done by following the below-explained steps.

  1. Open the official mobile banking app of Axis Bank.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Tap on “Credit Card”.
  4. Choose your credit card and tap on “Offers”.
  5. Select “Credit Limit Increase” from the offers section.
  6. If you have an offer there then select it to increase your limit.

What to Do if there is no Limit Increase Offer?

If there is no offer then it means your card is not currently eligible for a credit limit increase. But still, you can request the bank to increase it.

This can be done by calling the customer care of the bank. Get your call to speak with the customer support executive. And submit your request to them.

Does this Guarantee an Increase?

No, it does not mean that the bank will right away increase the limit after you request it. But there are chances that the increase can be given to you. So it is a good idea to give it a try.