How to Block CSB Bank ATM Card?

ATM Card is amazing this little piece of plastic with a smart chip helps us to withdraw money from our bank accounts. No matter what time of day you are trying to take out the money. You can do that simply with the help of this card and an ATM machine near you.

But if you have lost your ATM card somewhere then your CSB Bank account balance is in danger. If your lost card gets into the wrong hands then it can be misused. To avoid such misuse of your card you should immediately take steps to block it.

This guide will help the account holders of the DCB Bank to block their ATM Card. There are multiple methods by following which you can block the card. I have explained all of them. Now you have to select one and follow the instructions to block the card.

When you are blocking the card the bank won’t be charging you anything. But when you request a new card as a replacement for the lost one you may need to pay some charges. For more details about the charges of the new ATM Card, you can visit the official website of the bank.

Methods to Block CSB Bank ATM Card

Block CSB Bank ATM Card

Here are the methods that can be followed by you to immediately block your lost card.

Using Internet Banking

Steps to Block CSB Bank ATM Card using Internet Banking:
  1. Visit the official website of the CSB Bank.
  2. Click on Online Services. (Internet Banking)
  3. Under Login select retail banking or corporate banking.
  4. Enter your username, password, and proceed with the login.
  5. Click on the “Card Request” option.
  6. Select the card you want to block.
  7. Click on the block button to submit your request to the bank.

Using Mobile Banking

Steps to Block CSB Bank ATM Card using Mobile Banking:
  1. Download and install the official mobile banking application of the CSB Bank.
  2. Open the mobile banking application.
  3. Enter your login details.
  4. Tap on Value Added Services.
  5. Select card management from the list of services.
  6. Now select Card activity undercard management.
  7. Select the card and follow the on-screen instructions to block the lost card.

By Visting Branch

Steps to Block CSB Bank ATM Card by Visting Branch:
  1. Locate the nearest branch of CSB Bank near your location.
  2. Visit the branch personally.
  3. Speak with the bank officials.
  4. Tell the bank officials that you have lost your card and want to block it.
  5. Provide them the details of the card you have lost.
  6. Show any identity proof document to verify your ownership of the account as well as the card. (Aadhaar Card or PAN Card)
  7. On successful verification bank officials will take your request to block the card.

Calling Customer Care

Steps to Block CSB Bank ATM Card by Calling Customer Care:
  1. Call the customer care of CSB Bank at 1800 266 9090.
  2. Use the IVR option to select the language in which you would like to interact.
  3. Select the IVR option which will connect you to speak with the customer care executive.
  4. Speak with the executive and tell him or her that you have lost your card and want to block it.
  5. Provide the executive with the details of the lost card.
  6. Answer the account verification questions to verify your ownership.
  7. The executive will take your request to block the card.


Choose any one of the methods and block your card immediately. Once you request the bank to block DCB Bank ATM card it will be immediately blocked by the bank. For more details call the customer care of the bank.