How to Check CSB Bank Cheque Status?

Cheques are a great instrument for payments. If you have issued a cheque to someone then you can track the status of that cheque. In this guide, I will tell you how you can check CSB Bank cheque status.

This can be done without paying any extra charges to the bank. There are two different methods and both the methods are offline.

I looked a lot into the online resources and also on the official website of CSB Bank. But I did not find any online process to check the status of the Cheque.

Before you can check the status you should know the cheque number. You can find this number on the cheque leaf that you have issued.

If you don’t have this number then it gets pretty hard to know the current status. But you need not worry because you can easily make out the number by referring to your cheque book.

Methods to Check CSB Bank Cheque Status

I have explained two methods below choose any methods and follow the instructions.

By Visiting the Branch of the Bank

Steps to Check CSB Bank Cheque Status by Visiting Branch:
  1. Take any one of your identity proof documents along with your cheque book.
  2. Visit any branch of CSB Bank that is near to you.
  3. Speak with the bank officials and tell them that you want to know the status of a cheque issued by you.
  4. Provide them with your cheque number.
  5. Show them your identity proof document in order.
  6. The officials will let you know the current status of your cheque.

By Calling the Customer Care

Steps to Check CSB Bank Cheque Status by Calling Customer Care:
  1. Call the customer care of CSB Bank.
  2. Choose the IVR option to talk with one of the support executives.
  3. Wait till your call is connected.
  4. Once your call is connected tell the support executive that you want to know the status of an issued cheque.
  5. Provide your cheque number and the support executive will tell you the current status.


In the coming future, CSB Bank may add this feature right into internet banking and mobile banking services. Which will make the process very convenient. Just make sure you don’t share your sensitive account details with anyone. After checking the status of the cheque if you wish to stop the payment then you can do that. Provided your cheque is not yet cleared.