How to Block DCB Bank ATM Card?

To Block DCB Bank ATM Card call the customer care on 1800 209 5363, select your language, your call will be connected to the customer support executive. Tell them that you have lost the card and want to block it. The support executive will block in immediately for you.

DCB Bank is one of the oldest banks that is running its banking operations in India. This guide is all about how you can block the ATM Card of DCB Bank. I have already told you in short how you can block it. But this is not the only way you have to block the card you have lost or misplaced.

Despite having many ways to block the card, it does not matter which way or method you use. It is very important that you block it immediately. I recommend you to select the method which you feel is good for you in the current situation.

If you don’t block your ATM card in time. Then you are ultimately putting the balance you have in your DCB Bank account. In case your card gets into the wrong hands then they might misuse the card. This is nothing but the unauthorized usage of your debit card.

About DCB Bank

Logo of DCB Bank

Type of Bank Private-sector bank
ISIN INE503A01015
Founded 1930s
Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra
Chairman (2020) Mr. Nasser Munjee
MD & CEO Mr. Murali M. Natarajan
Revenue (2017) Rs. 2,076.15 Crore
Operating Income (2017) Rs. 418.21 Crore
Net Income (2017) Rs. 199.68 Crore
Total Assets (2017) Rs. 24,046.37 Crore
Number of Employees (2019) 6,134
Number of Branches (2019) 323
Capital Ration 13.76%
Customer Care 1800 209 5363
Email Address [email protected]

Methods to Block DCB Bank ATM Card

Block DCB Bank ATM Card

Here are the methods or ways that can be used by the account holders of the DCB Bank. As already told you use the method which you feel is the right one for you in the current situation.

Internet Banking

Steps to Block DCB Bank ATM Card Using Internet Banking:
  1. Open the official website of the DCB Bank.
  2. Click on Internet Banking → Personal Banking.
  3. Enter your User ID. (username)
  4. Enter your Password.
  5. After entering your user id and password click on the submit button.
  6. Click on the ATM Card Services.
  7. Select the Card which you want to block.
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to block the card.

Mobile Banking

Steps to Block DCB Bank ATM Card Using Mobile Banking:
  1. Download and install the official mobile banking application of DCB Bank.
  2. Enter your login details into the application to login.
  3. Tap on the Cards.
  4. Select the card you want to block and block it from within the application interface.

Sending Email

Steps to Block DCB Bank ATM Card by Sending Email:
  1. Write an Email mentioning to you have lost the ATM card want to block it.
  2. Mention the last 4 digits of your ATM card number, your name, and bank account number.
  3. Send this email to [email protected].
  4. As soon as the bank reads your email your card will be blocked.

Visiting Branch of the Bank

Steps to Block DCB Bank ATM Card by Visiting Branch:
  1. Visit any branch of the bank, it is recommened to visit your home branch.
  2. Tell the bank officials that you have lost the ATM Card.
  3. Ask them to block the card and it will be blocked immediately.


These are the different methods that can be used to block your ATM Card. If you are facing any difficulties then you can talk with the customer care executive of the bank and ask for their help.