How to Change Address in City Union Bank Account?

If you have moved to a different place or have corrected the mistakes you had on your address proof document. Then you can update the same in your bank account as well. And it is quite important to update these details too. In this guide of mine, I will tell you how you can update or change address in City Union Bank account.

The process goes like this. There is no online method that can be followed by the account holders to update the address. All the account holders like me and you need to follow the offline method only. In this case, also keep in mind that only the owner of the account (account holder) can submit the request to the bank.

Steps to Change Address in City Union Bank Account

Steps to Change Address in City Union Bank Account

The bank allows you to update the address and the same will also reflect in your bank records like account statements etc. But you will have to provide the address proof document with the updated address on it. Without the proof document. The bank will not take your request.

Steps to Update or Change Address in City Union Bank Account:
  1. Take your updated address proof document. (Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Ration Card, etc.)
  2. Get a clear photocopy of the document.
  3. Make your signature on the document to make it self-attested.
  4. Take an A4 size paper.
  5. Write an application letter to your branch manager of the home branch of City Union Bank.
  6. The subject of the application letter should be “Change of Address”.
  7. In the body of the letter explain that you have changed or updated your address. And you want to update the same in the bank records.
  8. Mention your account number and the name of the enclosed proof document as well.
  9. Attach your application letter with the photocopy and submit it to the bank officials at your home branch.


This is the process that the account holders of the City Union Bank can follow. While visiting your home branch make sure that you carry your original copy of the document as well. This is important because the bank officials will ask for the original copy for verification purposes. And the bank will not charge you anything for the change of address in your account.