How to Save Forex Charges on International Card Transactions?

If you often use your debit card or credit card to perform international transactions. Then you might be paying a lot of money as “Forex Charges” or “Forex Markup Fees”. These are some of the terms that are used for these charges.

Save Forex Charges on International Card Transactions

But you can save these forex charges on your international card transactions.


The most effective way to save forex charges on international card transactions is to use a debit card or credit card that waives these charges.

You might be wondering which are these cards that waive off the forex markup charges. But let me tell you that there are a number of such cards.

Below I have mentioned a few debit cards and a credit card that don’t charge you for international transactions.

Jupiter Money Debit Card

Jupiter Money Debit Card

Online Transaction Charges: The first recommendation is to use the Jupiter Money Debit card. When you use this debit card to make international transactions online you will not be charged any forex charges or markup fees.

If you have a normal savings account with Jupiter Money then you can perform international transactions online for up to Rs. 25,000 per month without any forex charges.

And if you have a pro salary account with Jupiter Money, then you can perform transactions up to Rs. 1,00,000 per month without paying any forex charges.

ATM Charges: Jupiter money will charge you Rs. 100 per ATM transaction performed outside India + 3.5% forex charges beyond specified limits.

Screenshot from the Official Website of Jupiter Money Explaining Forex Charges of its Debit CardSource: Jupiter Fees, Rates and Charge

How to Get Jupiter Money Debit Card?

You can get this card for free by opening an account with Jupiter Money. Just open the account and the will be delivered to your address free of cost. This card comes with no issuance and annual fees.

Fi Money Debit Card

Fi Money Debit Card

Online Charges: You can use Fi Money Debit Card to make online international transactions. According to the fee structure published on the official website of Fi Money. The users will not be charged any forex charges for the international transactions that are done online.

ATM Charges: Fi Money will charge you Rs. 100 when you use Fi Money Debit Card in ATM machine outside -India.

Screenshot explaining the Fi Money Forex Charges that is taken from its Official websiteSource: Fi’s transparent fee structure, no hidden charges

How to Get Fi Money Debit Card?

You can get Fi Money Debit Card by opening an account with Fi Money. Fi Money will not charge you issuance and annual charges for this debit card.

IDFC FIRST Private Credit Card

If you want to use a credit card and wish to pay nothing as forex charges. Then you can use the FIRST Private Credit Card.  This card is issued by IDFC FIRST Bank and the good thing is this card comes with no joining fees and annual charges.

Screenshot with the details of Forex Charges applicable on different credit cards of IDFC FIRST BankSource: Credit Card Fees & Charges | IDFC FIRST Bank

How to Get IDFC FIRST Private Credit Card?

You will get an IDFC FIRST Private credit card if your application is approved by IDFC FIRST Bank. But you can apply for one by visiting the official website of the bank.