How to Reactivate Bank of Baroda Dormant Account?

When the account holder does not do any transactions using the bank account for a long period of time. Then the bank changes the status of the account from operative to inoperative. This is also termed a dormant account. In this guide, I will tell you how you can reactivate Bank of Baroda dormant account.

First of all, let me tell you that you can not activate your account online. What I mean is there is no option in the internet banking portal of the mobile banking app of the bank. If you want to reactivate the account then you will have to follow the offline method.

The most asked question to me when the account turns dormant is. What about the balance that was there in the account? So even if you have this in your mind. Then let me tell you that the money you had in the account will be safe. And you can get it back.

But you should also make sure that you contact the bank and get the account reactivated in a timely manner. Once your account is reactivated you can continue using it just as you did before. But then you should make sure you don’t leave the account unused or unattended in the future.

The Process to Reactivate BOB Dormant Account

Reactivate Bank of Baroda Dormant Account

Follow the instructions given below.

Steps to Reactivate Bank of Baroda Dormant Account:
  1. Take a sheet of paper.
  2. Start writing an application letter.
  3. The letter should address the branch manager of your BOB home branch.
  4. The subject of the letter should be “Reactivation of Dormant Account”.
  5. In the letter, you have to explain that your account has turned dormant. But you want to get it reactivated so that you can continue using it.
  6. Further, mention your account number and also the reason why you did not use the account for so long period.
  7. Get a clear photocopy of any of your identity proof documents.
  8. Make your signature on it and attach it with your application letter.
  9. Visit your Bank of Baroda’s home branch and submit the application letter to the bank officials.


While going to the bank make sure you also carry your original copy of the identity proof document. Because the bank officials will ask you to show it for the purpose of verification. For more information call the customer care of BOB on 1800 102 4455. (toll-free number)