How to Change Name in Dhanlaxmi Bank Account?

Have you changed your name or corrected some mistakes that were printed in the document? Then you change the same in the bank account as well. The banks do allow the account holders to change the details. Provided the account holder has to provide the supporting documents. In this guide, I will tell you the steps that you need to follow to change name in Dhanlaxmi Bank account.

The process is very simple. But as I have already mentioned that you have to provide supporting documents to the bank. Here what I mean by supporting documents is the identity or address proof document that certifies your new name. In case you have changed your name completely then you can also provide the gazette notification as well. It depends upon what type of change you are going to do in your name.

 Steps to Change Name in Dhanlaxmi Bank Account

 Steps to Change Name in Dhanlaxmi Bank Account

You can not make this change online so you will have to follow the offline method only. And if you are changing your name after marriage. Then you have to enclose the marriage certificate to the bank. Here you have to use a form that is designed by Dhanlaxmi Bank. The bank calls it “Service Request Form”. This form is available for free download on the official website and also at your home branch.

Steps to Change Name in Dhanlaxmi Bank Account:
  1. Take the document that you are providing to the bank as proof.
  2. Get a clear photocopy of the document.
  3. Sign on the photocopy to make it self-attested.
  4. Now download the service request form from the official website.
  5. Fill the form with all the required details like your name, account number, etc.
  6. Use the 17th point in the form which says “Change My Name to”.
  7. Mention your name new in the provided space.
  8. Sign the form. (account holder has to sign)
  9. Enclose the document you have with you, visit your Dhanlaxmi Bank home branch and submit it to the bank officials.


The bank will change your name on verification done by the bank officials. So while you visit the branch of the bank make sure you carry your original document with you. The bank officials will not ask you to submit the original one. But they will ask you to show the original copy for verification purposes. For more information, you can call the customer care of the bank on 0487 661 3000. And speak with the customer support executive.