How to Change Name in HDFC Bank Account?

If you hold a bank account with HDFC Bank and now you want to change your name mentioned in the account. Then you can do it. But you have to follow the proper process and also you have to provide the supporting documents to the bank as proof of your name change. In this guide, I will tell you about the steps that you need to follow to change name in HDFC Bank account.

As I already mentioned you have to provide proper proof documents. This is because the name of the account holder is a very important part of the KYC details. If you have changed your name then you can provide the supporting documents. In case you have changed your name after marriage then you can provide the marriage certificate. And in case of a spelling mistake in the name, you can provide the document that has your name spelled correctly.

Steps to Change Name in HDFC Bank Account

Change Name in HDFC Bank Account

The name mentioned in your HDFC Bank account can not be changed online using internet banking or mobile banking. You will have to follow the offline method in which you have to visit the branch of the bank personally.

Steps to Change Name in HDFC Bank Account:
  1. Take a sheet of paper.
  2. Start writing an application letter addressing the branch manager of your HDFC Bank home branch.
  3. The subject of the letter should be “Change of Name in the Bank Account”.
  4. In the body part of the letter, you have to explain that you have changed your name. And want to update the same in the bank account.
  5. You have to mention your old name, new name, and bank account number correctly.
  6. At the end of the letter also mention the name of the document you are enclosing as proof.
  7. Take a clear photocopy of the document and make your signature on it to make it self-attested.
  8. Attach the photocopy with the application letter.
  9. Visit your home branch and submit the letter to the bank officials.


The bank will verify the document that you are providing as proof of name change. Your name will be changed only if the document is verified successfully. You won’t be charged anything by the bank for this change. For more information, you can visit the nearest branch or call the customer care of the bank.