How to Link PAN Card with Saraswat Bank Account?

It is mandatory to link your PAN with your bank account if you want to use the account without any limits. But if you have not done it yet. Then today in this guide I will tell you how you can link PAN card with Saraswat Bank account.

I have not explained any online method in this guide. But instead of that, I have explained an offline method. This method requires you to visit the branch of the bank personally.

You have to write an application letter, get a photocopy of your PAN, make your signature on it, and submit both to the bank by visiting your home branch.

The way how you have to write the application has been explained below. You need not submit the original copy of your PAN to the bank.

Instead of that you just have to submit the photocopy. And show the original copy of the card to the bank officials for the purpose of verification.

Please keep in mind that the bank will take and process your request only if you show your card. So make sure you carry your original card with you.

The Process to Link PAN Card with Saraswat Bank Account

Link PAN Card with Saraswat Bank Account

  1. Take a clear photocopy of your PAN Card.
  2. Make your signature on it.
  3. Write an application letter addressing your Saraswat Bank’s home branch.
  4. The subject of the letter should be “Request to Link PAN card with Bank Account”.
  5. Further, you have to mention your name, account number, and PAN Card number.
  6. Once done sign the application letter and attach it with the photocopy of the card.
  7. Now visit your home branch.
  8. Submit the application letter to the officials.
  9. And show them the original copy of your document for the purpose of verification.


Once your details are verified by the bank. Your card details will be updated in your account within 2 working days. The bank might give you a PAN Card updation form to fill out during your visit.