How to Check Monthly Average Balance of ICICI Bank Account?

There are a lot of services that we can enjoy from our banks in this instance the ICICI Bank. But there are a few terms and conditions that we should bide to. One such condition is the monthly average balance. This is one of such aspects on which the private sector banks in India focus a lot. If you don’t maintain sufficient balance then you will have to pay the penalties. In this guide I will tell you how you can check Monthly Average Balance of ICICI Bank account.

Here you should keep in mind that when we talk about the monthly average balance. We are not talking about the minimum balance that you have to maintain in your bank account. Most of the account holders always have this confusion in their minds. If even you have this confusion then let me clear it for you. MAB is the average balance on each individual day of the month and not the minimum balance you have maintained on any given day.

Steps to Check MAB of ICICI Bank Account

Monthly Average Balance of ICICI Bank Account

I came across a MAB calculator on the official website of the bank which says it is for the people who hold a current account with the bank. But you can make use of the calculator even if you hold a savings bank account with ICICI Bank. In this calculator, you will have to enter the balance you had at the end of each day of the calendar month. This is a time-consuming task. And that is the reason why I recommend you to follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to Check Monthly Average Balance of ICICI Bank Account:
  1. Call the customer care of ICICI Bank.
  2. Choose the language in which you would like to interact with the customer care of the bank.
  3. Select the IVR option that will connect you to speak with the customer care executive of the bank.
  4. Once the call is connected tell the executive that you want to know your MAB.
  5. The executive will then ask you a few questions about your bank account for verification purposes.
  6. Answer all the questions correctly.
  7. If you hold multiple bank accounts with the bank then help the executive by telling the last digits of your bank account number.
  8. The executive will check your bank account.
  9. And the executive will tell you your MAB for the month.


If you don’t want to call the customer care of the bank and have a talk with the executive. Then you can give a visit to your ICICI Bank home branch. Carry your bank passbook with you or any identity proof document. Ask the bank officials about your balance and they will help you out with it. Please keep in mind that you should not share your username, password, debit card number, PIN Number, and OTP, etc. with anyone.