How to Change DOB in Nainital Bank Account?

DOB stands for Date of Birth and this is very important information that banks take from the account holders. This helps the banks to differentiate between minor, adult, and senior citizens. Very rarely but sometimes the DOB is mentioned wrong in the bank account. If this has happened to you then let me tell you that you can correct this. In this guide, I will tell you how you can change DOB in Nainital Bank Account.

Just like name and address, DOB is also an important part of the KYC details of the account holder. So the banks are very strict when it comes to making any changes to the DOB. The bank will take your request only if you have a proper proof document with you. It can be your identity proof document, birth certificate, or any other valid document that proves your date of birth.

Without a credible document, you can not make this change in your bank account. So first make arrangements from the document and then you can contact Nainital Bank to carry out this change. You will not be asked to submit the original copy of your document. But instead of that, you need to submit a self-attested photocopy of the document to the bank.

Steps to Change DOB in Nainital Bank Account

Change DOB in Nainital Bank Account

This change is subject to successful verification by the bank. The bank verifies the document you are submitting to it. And you can not change this detail online. You will have to follow the offline method that is explained below.

Steps to Change DOB in Nainital Bank Account:
  1. Take a sheet of paper.
  2. Start writing an application letter.
  3. The letter should address the branch manager of your Nainital Bank’s home branch.
  4. The subject of the letter should be “Correction of Date of Birth in Bank Account”.
  5. In the body of the letter, you have to explain that your DOB is mentioned wrong in the account. And you want to correct the same.
  6. Further make clear mention of your name, account number, and the correct DOB.
  7. Take a clear photocopy of the document you are submitting to the bank and make your signature on it.
  8. Attach the photocopy with your application letter.
  9. Visit your Nainital Bank’s home branch and submit the application letter to the bank officials.


The bank will not charge you anything to correct your date of birth. While going to the bank make sure you have your original copy of the document with you. The bank official will ask you to show it for verification purposes.