How to Check GPF Account Balance in Maharashtra?

To check your GPF balance in Maharashtra please visit → Select Your Region → Click on GPF Current Balance Details → Enter Your Series And Account Number → Solve the Captcha → Click on the Submit button. 

GPF which is an acronym for General Provident Fund is a special saving scheme for those who are working for the government. In today’s case, we are talking about the GPF in Maharashtra. I will explain to you how you can check GPF balance in Maharashtra. You will be able to check the balance within the next 2 minutes.

We will be using the official website of the Principal Accountant General A&E, Maharashtra.  You should make sure that you don’t reveal your GPF account details with anyone. And even you should not enter these details on any third party websites as well.

You should know that you can check the details of your GPF account only and only using the official website of Accountant General, Maharashtra. And in this guide, I have explained to you how you can use the official website of the Maharashtra Government.

What is GPF in Maharashtra Government?

GPF in Maharashtra is a fund saving scheme. This is dedicated to the people who are working for the Maharashtra government. If someone is working for a private corporation or company then they can not be benefited from GPF.  So if you are not a government employee then this is not for you.

In simple words, I can explain GPF in Maharashtra to you as the Employees Provident Fund for the people working for the government. Every month some portion of your salary will be deducted. And that amount deducted from your salary will be transferred to your GPF account.

Who Maintains GPF in Maharashtra?

The GPF in Maharashtra is maintained by the Principal Accountant General. (A&E) This happens in two regions of Maharashtra. And those are Mumbai and Nagpur. You can observe this thing on the official website where you can find links to GPF – Mumbai as well as GPF – Nagpur.

Requirements to Check GPF Balance

Now we know what is GPF, who maintains in it Maharashtra. And also that you can check the balance on the official website only. But there are some requirements to check the balance that are mentioned below.

  • Series Number.
  • And GPF Account Number.

If you have these two things with you then you are all set and we can proceed to the further part of this guide.

How to Check GPF Balance in Maharashtra Online?

Check GPF Account Balance in Maharashtra

Follow the instructions mentioned below.

Steps to Check GPF Account Balance in Maharashtra:
  1. Visit the official website of  Principal Accountant General, Maharashtra.
    Select GPF Region Between Mumbai or Nagpur
  2. Now select your region from the left sidebar of the website.(GPF – Mumbai or GPF – Nagpur)
    Click on GPF Current Balance Details
  3. Click on “GPF Current Balance Details”.
    Enter the Series and Account Number
  4. Enter your Series Number.
  5. Enter your GPF account number.
  6. Solve the CAPTCHA and click on the Submit button.
  7. Your current GPF balance will be displayed to you on the screen.


This is how you can check GPF account balance in Maharashtra online using the official website. Just follow these 7 steps and your balance will be displayed on your screen.