How to Check GPF Account Balance in Karnataka?

GPF which is an acronym for General Provident Fund is an amazing money-saving instrument for the government employees in India. If you are a government employee then I am very sure that you know about the GPF option which you have been provided by your employer. One should note that the GPF is different and the EPF is different. When it comes to the GPF it is only for the people who are working as a government employee. And EPF is for all those people who work for private companies and organizations. In this article, I will be telling you the steps to check GPF account balance in Karnataka.

This guide will work for those people who are working as a government employee in the Indian State of Karnataka. If you are working as a government employee but not in Karnataka then the procedure mentioned here is not for you. Slowly we are covering the topics of General Provident Fund of all the Indian states. So if in case we have already covered your state (other than Karnataka) then you will find it linked at the end of this guide.

Before we proceed to the further part of this guide. I would like to make one thing clear. And that is we are not the official website of the Principal Accountant General. (A & E) We are not even affiliated with them in any way. This guide is just for educational purpose and the main intention is to help the government employees of Karnataka to check their GPF Account Balance.

Here are declaring that we are not the official website. But don’t worry because the link to the official website is also provided in this guide. There are many websites online which pose to be the official. But you should make sure that you don’t enter any of your GPF account details on the third-party websites. You should always make use of the official website.

What is GPF Account Balance?

This guide will help you to check GPF account balance in Karnataka. But what is the exact meaning of the term “GPF Account Balance” is?

Let us discuss this first.

Here the real meaning of the term GPF account balance is the amount of money that has been collected in your GPF account. This includes all the contributions that you have made from your salary and also the amount of interest you have earned on your contribution.

Hence, you can assume the below-mentioned equation to be true. You should here note this is just for explanatory purposes. This is not the official method used by the government body to calculate your balance.

GPF Account Balance = Total Contribution Made by the Employee + Interest Earned on the Contribution – Partial Withdrawals (if any)

For a more detailed explanation about how the GPF balance is calculated I recommend you talking with the officials working in your department. The clerks who maintain financial things are the right people. They can explain to you how your GPF account balance is calculated.

Can You Check Your GPF Account Balance Online?

Now we have discussed quite many things. The next question that you might have in your mind is this. Can you check your GPF account balance online?

The answer is yes. You can check your GPF account balance online in Karnataka.

This is possible with the help of the official website of the Principal Accountant General. (A &E) You should also note that usage of the official website is the only method to check account balance. So make sure you don’t trust on the third-party websites other than the official one.

Steps to Check GPF Account Balance in Karnataka Online

Let us now learn about the steps that you need to follow to check GPF Account balance in Karnataka online. These steps are very simple and you will be able to check your account balance after you read this guide properly.

New Users Registration Link

But first, you should register yourself on the official website so that you can view your GPF account details online. Do do that you have to use the “New Users Registration” link. You can refer to the image embedded above to know where you can find this link for registration.

And if you have already registered then you can proceed further with this guide. In case you want to download the GPF Annual Account Statement then please read this linked guide.

Steps to Check GPF Account Balance in Karnataka:

Official Government Website to Check GPF Balance in Karnataka

  1. Visit the official website of  Principal Accountant General, Karnataka. (
    Step 2: Click on Know Your GPF Status
  2. Click on Know Your GPF Status Button.
    Step 3: Click on Already Registered User Link.
  3. Click on Already Registered User Link.
    Step 4: Enter your GPF Account Details
  4. Enter your Series Code, Account Number, Password, and click on the Submit button.
  5. Now select “GPF Account Details” and click on the Submit button.
  6. Find your GPF Account’s Opening and Closing balance in the PDF File.

When you select GPF Account Details in 5th step and click on the submit button, a PDF file will be opened in which you can find your GPF account balance.

GPF Account Details You Will Find in the PDF File
  • Your Name.
  • GPF Account Number.
  • Your Section’s Telephone Number.
  • The DDO Details.
  • Rate of Interest.
  • Your GPF Subscription.
  • Refunds. (if any)
  • Opening Balance.
  • Deposits.
  • Closing Balance.
  • Withdrawals. (if any)
  • And Missing Credits. (if any)
Video Explaining About GPF Account Details Online in Karnataka
Things You Should Note Regarding your GPF Account Balance:
  • In case the annual GPF statement has a difference with the amount remitted or withdrawn during the year,
    please furnish the details of remittance/withdrawal to this office immediately.
  • The details of deductions in respect of the missing credits, if any, in your account may be furnished to this office for necessary action.
  • If there are no deductions during the year or for certain months, the subscriber may intimate this Office the fact of non-deductions towards GPF.
  • Kindly contact the phone number provided in the annual statement for any clarification on your GPF account.
  • The annual GPF statements are also available in HRMS Website of E-Governance, DPAR, Government of Karnataka in the DDO Login (” Home- Mis Report – Download GPF Statements” )
  • The final withdrawal application on retirement should be submitted to this office through your Drawing Officer, two months in advance of retirement for the timely settlement of your GPF account. Kindly furnish your mobile number for any clarification.
  • Officers/Officials on deputation to autonomous bodies should ensure that the deductions made from the salary are credited to GPF by the institution immediately after drawal of the salary. A copy of the GPF schedule should be enclosed to the challans remitted to the treasury and a copy should be sent to this office for reference.
  • While sanctioning Temporary Advances/PFW, the earlier TA/PFW sanctioned after March of that year should be taken into account by the DDO to avoid overpayments.
  • The subscribers/DDO’s telephone numbers may be furnished with all correspondence/ PFW/FW applications sent to this office.
  • Please ensure that your correct GPF account number with proper prefix and correct name is quoted in the GPF schedules each month.
  • As per Rule 15(4) of KGPF Rules 2016, interest on final withdrawal is admissible only up to six months from the date necessitating the payment.


So this is how you can check GPF Account Balance in Karnataka Online. I hope you are clear with all the information that has been mentioned in this guide. But as we are not the official people to talk about this. We always recommend you to verify the information mentioned here before you use it for your personal use. Please make sure that you contact your higher officials in the workplace to verify the information mentioned here.

F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Official Website to Check GPF Balance in Karnataka?

The official website to check your GPF Account Balance in Karnataka is of Principal Account General. (A & E) it is

Can I Make Changes to My GPF Account Online?

No, you can not make any kind of major changes to your GPF account online in Karnataka. For more details we recommend you talk to the concerned officials in your department.

Will I Be Charged to View my GPF Account Balance?

No, you will not be charged to view your GPF Account balance online. This information is served to your free of cost by the Principal Accountant General (A & E) in Karnataka.

Can I Download my GPF Account Statement Online?

Yes, you can download your GPF Account Statement Online in PDF Format and later can get it printed if required to you.