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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Examples & Definition

Abraham Maslow has developed this theory based on the human needs. And this theory is one of the most popular theories of motivation in can find.

This theory of motivation is all based on the concept that human beings have needs and they want to satisfy them. The theory is quite simple and you can understand this Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or Need Hierarchy theory every easily.

I have tried my best to make this theory simple to understand. But at the end of this article if you have any kind of doubts or questions about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs you can comment below.

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What is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory?

This is a theory of motivation and we can find many other theories of motivation too. Like the two factor theory of motivation, expectancy theory of motivation etc.

But this theory of motivation is the most popular one as I have already mentioned in the starting part of this article.

Now let us know further about this theory of motivation. Abraham Maslow has classified the human needs into the hierarchy mentioned below.

  • Psychological Needs
  • Security Needs
  • Social Needs
  • Esteem Needs
  • Self Actualization Needs

I will explain you about all these needs one by one but before that let us check out the diagram of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Diagram

Psychological Needs

The first type of needs which we can find in the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory are the psychological needs. These are the most basic needs which a human being needs to survive in this world.

So these needs should be satisfied first and then other needs come into the picture. These needs consist of some basic things like the food, cloth shelter etc.

Example: Food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to live.

Security Needs

After the satisfaction of the psychological needs, the next needs that come into the picture are the security needs. And these needs also become predominant now.

Because every person or the employee working in an organization wants to keep himself safe both in the physical and psychological way. So these security and safety needs should be satisfied.

Example: Security of property, job security etc.

Social Needs

The human being is a social animal and he can’t be alone in his life, he has to be in a society. Because at last human being is the part and the parcel of the society.

Example: Friendship, Love, Belongingness etc.

Esteem Needs

Esteem needs are also called as the ego needs and these needs come after the social needs in the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. These needs consist of the things like prestige, self-respect etc.

Every person or the employee wants to have a good status in the society and wants others to know identify him in a good way.

Example: Self-respect, prestige etc.

Self Actualization Needs

Now, these are the highest level of needs which we come across in the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory. These are about the development every employee would like to see in himself.

These are all about their own hard work and efforts they put to level up in their career.

Example: A superior in a department would like to be a manager in course of time and a clerk would like to be head of the department in course of time.


So this was all about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, I hope you understood it. But in case you have any kind of doubt in your mind then feel free to comment down below.