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What is Marketing Concept?

Marketing is a very important part of the modern business management if the organization wants to sell the product they manufacture they have to go through the marketing of the product. There are many aspects of the marketing on which the organization needs to focus on to increase the number of sales.

Well, let’s not discuss them, if you are looking for the information about what is marketing concept. Then let me tell you that your search ends here.

Because in this article of mine, I will be telling you about the meaning of marketing concept. So let us not waste the time now and get started with the article.

What is Marketing Concept?

The marketing concept is a goal-oriented process, an integrated philosophy practiced by the producers of the goods and services to identify and satisfy the needs and the wants of the customers.

Marketing concept holds that it is important to identify consumer needs and wants properly to achieve the goals of the organization.

Philip Kotler has given us the 5 concepts of marketing and they are mentioned below.

What is Marketing Concept

  1. Product Concept.
  2. Production Concept.
  3. Selling Concept.
  4. Marketing Concept.
  5. Societal Marketing Concept.


So this was all about what is marketing concepts, I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned in this article. If you have any kind of doubts then you can comment down below.