What is ATM Machine?

An ATM machine is a machine that is used in the banking industry. Every bank and the financial institution that are operating in India and other parts of the bank have their own network of ATM machines.

You can find the ATM machines of every bank in your area where you stay. These machines work 24×7 and allow the account holders to withdraw money from them by using the ATM card.

We can access the ATM machine even on a holiday or at midnight.

There are few modified ATM machines which are called Cash Deposit Machines in which you can even deposit money instantly into your account without visiting your home branch or any branches of the bank.

In simple words, we can say that ATM machines or automated teller machines are the machines that help us to withdraw money from our bank account without visiting the branch of the bank.

When someone withdraws money using the ATM machine the same amount of money will be deducted from their bank account.

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What is an ATM Machine?

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