How to Request Cheque Book in UCO Bank?

If you are an account holder of the UCO Bank and have used up all the cheques provided to you by the bank. Then follow this guide to know how you can request cheque book in UCO Bank.

Methods to Request Cheque Book in UCO Bank

Request Cheque Book in UCO Bank

The customers can request new cheque book from the bank online as well as offline. I have explained all the methods in this guide. You just have to choose the method you find easy and follow the instructions provided.

Using Internet Banking

Steps to Request Cheque Book in UCO Bank Online:
  1. Visit the official website of the UCO Bank.
  2. Click on E-Banking → Login.
  3. Enter your user ID (username) and password for internet banking.
  4. Click on Requests.
  5. Then select “Cheque Book Request” from the list.
  6. Select your bank account number.
  7. Click on Fetch Address.
  8. Enter the number of cheque leaves you need and the delivery mode.
  9. Enter your transaction password and click on the Ok Button.

By Visiting Home Branch

Steps to Request Cheque Book in UCO Bank by Visiting Branch:
  1. Visit your UCO Bank home branch.
  2. Carry your bank passbook or any identity proof document with you.
  3. Go to the help desk of your branch.
  4. Speak to the bank officials at the desk.
  5. Tell them that you want to request a new cheque book for your account.
  6. Provide them your name and the bank account number. (Show Bank Passbook)
  7. Tell your cheque requirements to the officials.
  8. Select your delivery mode and ask the charges applicable.
  9. If you agree with the charges the bank officials will take your request for the new book.


This is how simple the steps are to request a new cheque book. Please keep in mind that the bank may or may not charge you for the new book. So I highly recommend you to first know about the charges and then request the book. You can refer to the schedule of charges or call the customer care of the bank on 1800 274 0123 and speak with the customer care executive. It is a toll-free number so you won’t be charged anything by your telecom operator.