How to Complete KYC of IndusInd Bank Online Account?

There are so many technological changes that are happening in the Indian banking sector. And this cycle goes on sometimes new technology is added while sometimes the existing tech is refined and updated. But a new trend that the banks are following for a period of almost years now. And that is the online bank account opening. In this guide, I will tell you how you can complete KYC of IndusInd Bank online account.

If you want to open a new bank account for yourself then there is no need to go to any branch of the bank. You can get it opened online using the official website of the bank of your choice. And today’s case we are discussing the online account provided by the IndusInd Bank. Even I had opened an account online with the IndusInd Bank. And I have completed my KYC process as well.

In this guide, I will be telling you how you can get your KYC done with the help of my experience while getting mine done. Before I start with the process I would like to tell you one thing. And that is when I visited the bank’s branch which I had selected as my home branch. The bank officials working there who assisted me were very polite. They handled my case so well that I even did not fill the form.

The bank officials took the original copy of my PAN Card and Aadhaar Card, they filled the form. In the end, I only had to sign the form to authenticate it by my side. I don’t know the name of the person who assisted me but the service was amazing. IndusInd Bank knows how to please the customers to maintain a long-term banking relationship with them.

Steps to Complete KYC of IndusInd Bank Online Account

IndusInd Bank Online Account KYC

If you don’t complete the KYC of the account you had opened online within a period of one year. Then you might lose access to your bank account. At the same time, the account without physical KYC comes with a transaction limit that is very less. You get the process done online using the Video Branch feature of the bank which is part of their internet banking package. But I recommend you the offline method of visiting the branch personally.

Steps to Complete KYC of IndusInd Bank Online Account:
  1. Take your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card with you. (original copy)
  2. Get a photocopy of both documents.
  3. Make your signature on the photocopy and take 1 passport size photo of yours.
  4. Visit your IndusInd Bank home branch.
  5. Go to the customer helpdesk.
  6. Tell the official handling the desk that you want to complete the KYC of your account.
  7. Provide your bank account number to the official.
  8. Once your account is found the officials will ask for the photocopies and your photograph.
  9. Collect the physical KYC form, fill it, sign it, and submit it to the bank.


The bank will not ask you to submit the original copy of the documents. But while getting the KYC done the officials will ask you to show the originals for verification purposes. While in my case the form was filled by the officials, for you if they fill it then that’s great. If not then don’t worry the form is very simple you can fill it within 2 minutes. For more information, you can call the customer care of the bank on 18602677777. And have a talk with the support executive of the bank.

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