How to Change Name in AU Small Finance Bank Account?

There are a lot of changes that can be done to your bank account and the name is one of them. But here you should understand that you are talking about changing one of the core things. So you should not expect to change this online. I mean there will not be any online method to change name in AU Small Finance Bank.

You will have to visit your home branch where you had opened your account and maintain it. There is only an offline method in which you the account holder has to submit a written request. And this written request should be backed up by proof that you have changed your name.

You have to submit any document which certifies that you have changed your name. It can be a gazette notification or any document that has your new name. Like Aadhaar Card, any government identity cad. And if you are a female who wants s to change the name after marriage then you will need to provide your marriage certificate.

Steps to Change Name in AU Small Finance Bank Account

Steps to Change Name in AU Small Finance Bank Account

I hope the basic concept has been cleared to you. The bank will accept your request to change the name. Only if you are producing the supporting document to it. So make sure you have one and then you start the process of changing your name.

  1. Take a clear photocopy of the document proof with your new name.
  2. Make your signature on the photocopy to make it self attested.
  3. Write an application letter addressing your branch manager.
  4. The subject of the letter should be “Change of Name in Bank Records”.
  5. Now explain that you have changed your name and want to update the same in the bank records.
  6. Attach your application letter with the photocopy.
  7. Vist your home branch.
  8. Submit the application letter and the photocopy of the document to the bank officials.
  9. Your name will be changed in the account within 2 working days. (Subject to Verification by the Bank)


This is how you can change your name in the bank records. The bank will verify the matter by referring to the original copy of the document whose photocopy you are submitting. So make sure that you copy your original copy as well.