How to Change Name in Yes Bank Account?

When we approach the bank for an account we are asked to provide so many demographic details of us. This includes our name, age, gender, income, and so so. But what if anything is missed or there is a mistake? In that case, the account holders can approach the bank to change or update it. In this guide, I will tell you how you can change name in Yes Bank account.

The process is simple but there is no online method that you can follow. So you will have to follow the offline method which is explained in this guide. We will be using a form that is designed by the Yes Bank. Bank calls this “Request form for Change in Demographics“. This form is freely available for download on the official website of the bank. And you can also get this at your Yes Bank home branch.

Steps to Change Name in Yes Bank Account

Steps to Change Name in Yes Bank Account

In some cases, the bank also accepts the handwritten application letter addressing your branch manager. But when there is a special form designed by the bank. It is always better to follow the protocols of the banks to avoid any problems during the change.

Steps to Change in Yes Bank Account:
  1. Obtain the Yes Bank’s Request form for Change in Demographics.
  2. Take a clear printout of the form.
  3. Fill the form with all the required details.
  4. You should fill in details like date, name, bank account number, etc. (basic things)
  5. After that, on the second page of the form, there is a section “Name Change”.
  6. Mention your new name in the space provided.
  7. Below your new name, you also have to mention your short name and make your signature on the form.
  8. Take the document that certifies your new name and take a photocopy of it.
  9. Make your signature on it, attach it with the form and submit it to the bank officials at your Yes Bank home branch.


It is not mandatory to visit your home branch only. But still, I recommend you do that. But while you visit the branch of the bank you have to carry the original copy of your document. Without a proper document, you can not update the name in your bank account. For more information, you can call the customer care of Yes Bank on 1800 1200. (toll-free) You can have a conversation with the executive of the bank for more information.