How to Add a Beneficiary in J&K Bank Account?

If you want to transfer money from your J&K Bank account. Then you should add the receipts bank account as a beneficiary. In this guide, I will tell you how you can add a beneficiary in J&K Bank account.

To add or delete the beneficiary accounts you will need access to internet banking or mobile banking. So before you get started with the process make sure you have any one of these two.

After this, you need to understand one more thing. And that is the type of beneficiary accounts that can be added to your bank account.

The first one is within J&K Bank. You can add this type of account when the receipt or the receiver’s account is also with the J&K Bank. There is no need of entering the IFSC Code.

The second type of account is when the receiver’s account is with any other bank in India. In such a case, you have to select “Other Bank Beneficiary” and also enter the IFSC code of the bank.

The Process of Adding a Beneficiary Account in J&K Bank

You can use the internet banking portal of the bank and also the official mobile banking app. I recommend you to use the mobile banking app as it takes the process very easy.

Steps to Add a Beneficiary Account in J&K Bank:
  1. Download and Install the official mobile banking app of J&K Bank.
  2. Open the app after installation.
  3. Login into the app by entering your account details.
  4. Tap on “Transfers”.
  5. Select between “Within J&K” and “Other Bank”.
  6. Enter the account number of the beneficiary.
  7. Enter the name of the beneficiary.
  8. And enter the IFSC code the beneficiary’s bank. (if you have selected other bank)
  9. Set a nickname and tap on the “Ok” button.


If you wish to use the internet banking portal of the bank. You can do that too. Just login into your account on the official website of the bank. And click on “Transfers” rest of the process remains the same. If you are stuck somewhere then you can call the customer care of the bank for help.