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How to Add a Beneficiary in SBI Online?

State Bank of India or SBI offers internet banking feature to their account holders. Everybody who has a bank account with SBI can use this amazing service. With the help of internet banking, we can do many banking tasks from our place itself. We can check out account balance, view or download account statements and also transfer funds from our bank account. But before you can transfer funds from your bank account you have to add a beneficiary in SBI Online.

And in this article of mine, I will share complete procedure with you people by following which you can add a beneficiary in SBI online. One thing I would like clear here is by the term SBI Online means internet banking feature of the bank. And it is quite obvious that you should activate internet banking before you can add beneficiary account online. If you have not activated it yet then you can read my guide to activate internet banking in SBI.

Do you know there are two kinds of beneficiary accounts which you can add in SBI Online? And they are Intra-bank beneficiary and Inter-bank beneficiary.

If you want to transfer funds from your SBI bank account to another SBI account then you should add Intra-bank beneficiary.

And if you want to transfer funds from your SBI bank account to an account in another bank then add inter-bank beneficiary account.

How to Add a Beneficiary in SBI Online?

How to Add a Beneficiary in SBI Online?

So now let us get started with this guide and learn how we can add a beneficiary in SBI Online.

  1. Visit the official website of SBI: https://www.onlinesbi.com/Login into SBI Online
  2. Enter your username and password to login into your internet banking account.
    Select Profile Option
  3. Once you login to your internet banking account you have to select the Profile option which you can find on the upper menu of the website.
    Select Manage Beneficiary
  4. You will see all the profile related options on your screen. From there click on Manage Beneficiary option.
  5. When you click on Manage Beneficiary option from the profile page you have to enter your Profile password.
  6. From the next page select what kind of beneficiary account you want to add to your internet banking account. I have already mentioned about the two types of beneficiary account at the beginning of this guide.
  7. Enter details of the beneficiary account which you want to add. Details like account holders name, account number etc.
    Enter Beneficiary Account Details
  8. Read the terms and conditions by following the link provided on the page.
  9. Once you enter all the details click on Submit button which you can find at the bottom part of the page.

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So this is how you can add a new beneficiary in SBI Online. I hope you are clear with all the steps which are mentioned in the article.

If you are facing any difficulties then you can comment below.

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