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How to Find Customer ID in Canara Bank?

Canara Bank is one of the biggest and most trusted banks operating in India, if you have an account in Canara Bank account then you may have come across this term Customer ID. Most of the people who are customers of Canara Bank look for customer ID when they want to activate internet banking I think even you want to activate internet banking for your bank account and searching online for an article which will help you to find out your customer ID in Canara Bank.

If I am right and you are looking for such an article then let me tell you that you have been landed on the right web page. Because in this article of mine I will tell you where you can find your customer ID.

How to Find Customer ID in Canara Bank?

How to Find Customer ID in Canara Bank

The process of finding customer ID in Canara Bank is very easy all you have to do is take out your bank passbook and open it. One the first page of your bank passbook you will get your customer ID printed I have uploaded an image below in which I have highlighted the place where your customer ID will be printed.

Canara Bank Passbook

This is how you can find your customer ID, I hope you are clear with it but if you are facing any difficulties then you can comment below.


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  • sir,how can i get COSTUMER ID you said from passbook i don;t have passbook because of Im NRI account holder but saying wrong please help me immediatele

    • Hi Srajuddeen,
      I understand your issue if you don’t have your customer ID then you can get it by calling the customer care of the bank.

      You can call them at 1800-425-0018 but you have to tell them that you don’t have your bank passbook and want to know your customer ID

      They will find it for you.

  • Hi thank you so much I found my Canara Bank customer Id by using this guide. I was looking for it from many hours and finally found it.

  • I don’t have my bank passbook currently with me. But I want to find my Canara Bank customer ID is there any other way?

    • Hi Amit Yadav,
      If you don’t have your bank passbook with you then you can call the customer care of the bank.
      You can call them on their toll-free number. Tell them that you want to find your customer Id.

      They will ask you few details like your bank account number etc.

      Provide them all the details and they will provide you your customer ID.

  • I was trying to activate internet banking for my bank account. It was asking me to enter the customer Id however I have found my customer Id by referring your guide.

    But when I proceeded further to activate my internet banking it is telling that my email address is not registered with the account.

    Too many problems with the account. Help me to register my email address, please.

    • Hi Zaid,
      If your email address is not registered with your bank account then you can’t activate internet banking.

      You have to get your email address registered first. And to register your email address you have to visit your home branch.

    • Hi Ambar Anil Dighe,
      No the customer ID which you can find in the bank passbook can’t be wrong. Please check it carefully.

      The thing which is printed in the passbook is the customer ID which is allocated to your bank account.

  • Hi I found my Customer ID on the first page of my Canara Bank passbook. But when I enter the same to activate internet banking it is telling that the details entered are wrong.

  • Hi I have a bank account in Canara Bank branch in Lucknow. I am unable to find customer ID for my bank account. Please help me to find it.

  • Hi, my bank passbook has been damaged the first few pages are torn. How can I get new bank passbook? And now it is quite urgent for me to activate internet banking.

    And to activate it I am in need of my customer ID. Please help me out to find it, is there any alternate way to find my customer ID?

    Please help.

  • Thank you very much, I found my customer Id.

    But your customer care is very bad, I am trying to call you from last 3 hours but still the call is not getting connected.

    I am very disappointed because of this.

    • Hi Sumitra,
      I am happy that you found your Canara Bank customer Id. Sometimes it happens the call doesn’t get connected due to high volume of incoming calls.

  • I am unable to activate internet banking with the customer ID which is printed on my bank passbook.
    Can I visit the branch can you help me with it?

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hi Rafiq,
      Actually, there is not need to visit the home branch. You can get all the information regarding the internet banking activation by calling the customer care of the bank.

  • I have an old type of pass book in which the customer i d is not available plz help me to get my customer i d

  • I need net banking
    I enter all the details
    But always the page showing invalid customer id
    Pls send customer id for my account

    • Hi Chinraj,
      If you are sure that you are entering the same Customer ID which is printed on your bank passbook.
      But still getting the error. Then you have to contact the customer care of the bank.

      It can be a technical error at bank’s side.

  • Dear sir,

    How can i get CUSTOMER ID. You said from passbook. But i don’t have passbook, because i am an NRI account holder. Please help me.

    With Regards.


    • Hi Lijeesh,
      If you don’t have your bank passbook with you then there is no need to worry.
      Because you can still get your customer number by calling the customer care.

      You just have to call them and tell them that you need your customer ID.

      They will ask you few details about your bank account and will tell your
      customer ID.

      If they refuse your to provide the customer Id then you will have to contact
      your home branch.

      They can help you with you Customer ID.

  • I have lost my passbook. My account branch is R. K. Puram Delhi. I had written to giving me a new password but they did gave any response. So how can I get my customer ID. Now I am in my permanent house I will not go to Delhi anymore. Please help me

  • Hi,

    To link my aadhaar no with my account NO its showing invalid customer ID. I updated the details as mentioned in the passbook.
    My account Number: 0768101****19
    please help me with the customer ID and text to me to my Mobile No. 09741****74

  • I want to start net banking in my firm’s current account. How can i get customer ID as there is no passbook of current account. Plz guide.

    • Hi Sreelesh, I hope you have got your Canara Bank Customer ID correctly in the bank passbook. But if you want to get the User ID then follow this link to read my guide.

      That guide will explain you how you can get the user id of your Canara Bank account.

  • Sir when I register for net banking it says invalid mobile number even if I try giving my number which is already registered in the bank

  • Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I have a canara bank account and the branch is far away from my residence request your help to get the customer ID online without visiting the branch. The passbook I have do not have the customer ID mentioned on it.

    I have tried calling the number 1800-425-0018 but the line is getting disconnected after the
    IVR options are followed.

    I would also like to update my details with the account number.

    Request you to help with the same.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Seema N

  • As you said, I mentioned my customer Id and my mobile no that I registered in the bank but I have got ‘ invalid customer Id or phone no

  • i download epassSheet i unlock my saving account pdf through my saving account customer id but when i tried to open my current account it cant accept my saving account customer id. is saving account and current account customer id different if yes then where i get my current account customer id

  • i have a home loan and i want to check the status of this is online , how much deposited and all those details …so how i can opt for internet banking for this ..

  • For net banking, I am using the same customer id from passbook . But its saying invalid id or mobile number. I have tried with my proper number both with and without 91 at first.

  • What a rubbish service by canara bank.
    Lunch time is different from all (2 to 2:30)
    Bank closing time is different from all ie 3:30
    I have being rounded for passbook for approx 3 months, yet not issued.
    I am in urgent need to activate my net banking or for account statement, but for that i need customer id, which is printed on the passbook, which i do not have. I call 18004250018 (customer care), after put call hold on 5 min, they cut the phone call.
    Worst bank service ever.
    never go for this bank